Nappies and rationing: How Extinction Rebellion protesters plan to stay on top of City Hall

Conducted virtual interviews for this piece with members of Extinction Rebellion, who were occupying the roof of Bristol’s City Hall. Republished from the original, with permission. Members of Extinction Rebellion have scaled the walls of City Hall in protest of Bristol’s high levels of air pollution. The five people are refusing to come down until […]

Family names dictionary free for lockdown  —  an interview with the project’s principal investigator

The Oxford Dictionary of Family Names of Britain and Ireland, with research in part by UWE’s Professor Emeritus Richard Coates, is free for members of the public until the end of May 21, meaning you and your family can fill lockdown boredom by finding out the actual history of your shared name. For example, my […]

Opinion: Government’s coronavirus bill lowers standards and is ripe for abuse

In what’s been called “a drastic reimagining of state powers” by Martha Spurrier, Director of Liberty (a human rights charity), the Government’s planned coronavirus bill is too broad and is ripe for abuse. In Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, broad emergency powers are granted by the legislature – eventually leading to […]

Review: Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch

This review combined narrative crafting with multimedia, including photography and screenshots, to make this video game accessible even to those who have never played one. Republished from the original on HUB Magazine. Struggling to keep to your New Years’ resolutions in to February? This spiritual successor to Wii Fit beats it in fun and intensity. […]

Why some UWE students are unhappy paying £600 per month to live in ‘shipping containers’

This original investigative article received coverage in broadcast and print media after it was picked up by the BBC. I made a number of media appearances as a result, including on Radio 5 Live’s The Emma Barnett Show. When I left UWE, this remained the most-read article of all time on HUB Magazine’s website. Republished, […]